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Lil Electrical Engineering is the contractor of choice for all types of residential projects. With the primary focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we have the experience of delivering professional residential installation services to property portfolios, developers, and agents. 

We’ll be your service partner at every stage of the planning, maintenance, and building development process, covering all of your electrical needs. At the initial stages of planning and building the concept of residential installation, we’ll advise you with the most user-friendly and cost-effective plan for your residential project.

At Lil Electrical Engineering, we deliver a wide choice of residential electrical installation services. Our contractors cover everything starting from environmentally-friendly solutions to smart home concepts. 

We work not only with new installations. Our contractors will help you upgrade the existing electrical installation and ensure that it’s safe, and will continue serving you for as long as possible.

We deliver residential electrical installation services to a wide range of dwellings all across the UK. We provide the utmost care to every property where we work. We treat each property with respect and minimize disruption as much as possible. We’ll carefully listen to your demands and carefully follow your instructions. We are proud to have a professionally trained team that can ensure your property is carefully maintained at every stage of our work.